September 2014
NDRI-USA is Awarded a Center of Excellence for MSM and LGBT Populations

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) issued an award to NDRI-USA, Inc. through a subcontract with UCLA’s Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP), for a supplement to the Addiction Technology Transfer Center. The Center of Excellence for Racial and Ethnic Minority Young Men who have Sex with Men and other Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Populations (YMSM+LGBT CoE) will provide training and technical assistance to decrease the rate of substance abuse and new HIV infections among racial/ethnic minority YMSM (ages 18-29), and to provide culturally responsive prevention and treatment services for the LGBT population dealing with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. Given the high incidence and prevalence rates of HIV among YMSM of color, this CoE responds to the pressing public health need to develop and disseminate effective prevention and treatment approaches specifically tailored to this population.

July 2014
NDRI-USA Appoints New Executive Director

Dr. Michael Chaple

NDRI-USA’s Board appointed Michael Chaple, PhD, as the new Executive Director of NDRI-USA. Since 1998, Dr. Chaple has worked for National Development and Research Institutes, Inc. as a Research Scientist, spending most of that time as the Deputy Executive Director of the Center for the Integration of Research and Practice (CIRP). As Executive Director of NDRI-USA, Dr. Chaple will carry on CIRP’s mission to integrate science and service in the treatment of substance use and related disorders by advancing the knowledge dissemination and technology transfer efforts to promote the use of "best practices" in the service field. This mission reflects the need to "bridge the gap" between research and practice by translating research findings into practical guidelines for clinical application via training and technical assistance interventions. Dr. Chaple brings his experience managing both multi-site clinical trials and large- scale training and technical assistance projects of local, regional and national scope.

January 2014
NDRI-USA Hosts First Annual Fundraiser

Dr. Beny Primm

NDRI-USA, Inc. held a fundraising event honoring Dr. Benny J. Primm at the Masonic Lodge in New York City. Dr. Primm was recognized for his lifetime contributions toward the advancement of public health in the areas of substance abuse, alcoholism and HIV/AIDS. Dr. Primm is one of the founders of the Addiction Research Treatment Corporation in Brooklyn, President of the Urban Resource Institute, adviser to the National Drug Abuse Policy Office since the Nixon administration, and internationally recognized as one of the world's foremost experts on HIV/AIDS. All proceeds from this successful evening were used to continue the mission of NDRI-USA, Inc.; building relationships between research and practice in the public health area to ensure the advancement of state of the art techniques and supports for practitioners and clients.

December 2013
NDRI-USA’s Deputy Executive Director Receives an Award

Paul Warren (3rd from left) with colleagues

Congratulations to Paul Warren on his receipt of a 2013 National Association of Social Workers New York City (NASWNYC) Leadership Award recognizing social workers who demonstrate exemplary leadership qualities and a unique commitment to the improvement of social and human conditions.

May 2012
The Training Institute Visits the White House

Jill Williams at the White House

Rabin Martin and NDRI-USA’s Training Institute representatives met with leaders of the Office of National AIDS Policy, including Grant Colfax, ONAP Director and Gregg Millett, CDC/HHS Liaison to the White House Office of National AIDS Policy to discuss the new ‘Bridge2Care’ electronic intervention. Focused on linkage to care, this electronic intervention consists of five training modules that follow the patient journey from testing through diagnosis and care initiation. Modules are designed in a “gamified” environment that follows the “bridge” them and allows users to collect points as well as badges and they move through the curriculum. In particular, users reported near universal approval of the training content, offering very high marks for site navigation, video content and training games.